"clearance sale" on select pro + college and non-sport stwraps

The Stwrap Story

Ordinary straps, extraordinary opportunity. The story behind Stwrap.

Sometimes the best ideas come from something that's been right in front of you for years. One day as I was getting ready to drive my kids to school, I noticed all the book bags, backpacks, laptop bags, totes students and teachers were carrying around and countless other bags our family had lying around the house and it hit me. As the owner of a marketing company, I realized that this pile of boring, utilitarian straps was a prime opportunity for promotional space.

We all have to carry stuff for work, school, sports, you name it. So I decided to make it fun by creating an accessory that wraps around the straps of just about anything—that's why my invention is called Stwrap. I licensed my invention exclusively to WinCraft, one of the leading manufacturers of licensed and promotional products for professional and college sports teams. So now you can outfit all the straps in your life with your favorite teams and colors.

This is just the beginning. Follow us on Facebook to see what Stwraps are available next.